Sunday, 25 December 2016

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On 1st July 2015 the social media was filled with messages like "Happy Chartered Accountants Day", "Happy Doctors Day" and many more days like "Happy Husbands Day". After seeing so many messages on the social media I felt confused as to how many daily national or international days are celebrated throughout the year. Curious enough I checked up the great Wikipedia on the web and I was surprised that Wikipedia was as confused as I was as the wikipedia could not complete the list of daily national days and international days. Immediately came the idea that I should launch a blog to consolidate the list of national and international days at one platform so that the public does not get confused about wishing a Chartered Accountant or a Doctor on every 1st July. However if it happens to be a husband's day also then there may be fight between the married couples if the wife forgets to wish her husband on husband's day or give a surprise gift to the husband.

Why so many National and International Days:I think this is a gimmick played by the MNC's to market their products by prompting the public to celebrate such days. By any estimate there might be many trillion dollars market to mark these declared days. I request the readers to inform through comments about the name today's Day so that I go on adding the Day to the incomplete list of national and international days. To start with on 1st July 2015 the following Days were celebrated:
  1. Doctor's Day (Internationally)
  2. Chartered Accounts Day (In India alone)
  3. State Bank Day in India (Contributed by blogger fan through email)
Please do not forget to inform us through comments about any other day being celebrated across the globe on 1st July of every year. Stay Connected and do not get confused about wishing on Special Days to someone you love.

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